JavaScript: Wijmo 2023.1 supports strict mode of React 18 and fine tuning

With version 2023.1 of the Wijmo UI component written in TypeScript, the GrapeCity development team has further expanded support for React 18. Since the previous version, Wijmo has supported React 18, the new version adds the previously missing support for the strict mode of the program library. In addition, the team has increased the fine-tuning of accessibility in Wijmo, particularly affecting the more complex features.

As described on the GrapeCity team’s blog, Wijmo is a collection of extensible and fast JavaScript UI components written in TypeScript. The software components include support for frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue and Web Components.

Although the developers had already added support for React 18 to the previous version in late 2022, there were still some limitations and warnings in strict mode. This is available in the current version of Wijmo. It is intended to help programmers find common errors more easily.

The headersFocusability property that the development team added to FlexGrid now allows keyboard navigation in row and column headers.

(Image: GrapeCity)

The Wijmo team states that they have made progress in the area of ​​accessibility. The innovations include next to FlexGridFilter-Popups an improved display of the checked state selector and a revised selector description label. The FlexGridFilter-Popups are used to filter by condition and value for compatibility with requirements in Excel.

In addition, the property headersFocusability Added to FlexGrid. It enables keyboard navigation in the row and column headings. The release is said to have also fixed several small errors that occurred in the context of the behavior of the Wijmo components in various screen readers.

The organizers will judge on June 21 and 22, 2023 dpunkt.verlag, heise Developer and iX the enterprise JavaScript conference enterJS in Darmstadt. JavaScript and TypeScript language innovations, new and established tools and frameworks – including React, SvelteKit and Astro – as well as accessibility and software architecture will be discussed in more than 35 lectures.

All-day workshops are available both on-site and online.

Excerpt from the program:

If you are interested, you can find details in the blog post about the release. A test version of the software can be downloaded from the provider’s website (an e-mail address is required for this).


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