Monday: WordPress plug-in with security gap, extreme YouTuber faces jail

Essential Addons for Elementor runs on more than a million WordPress instances. Attackers on such websites can take control through a critical gap. An update for the plug-in is available and should be installed quickly. Meanwhile, extreme athlete Trevor Jacob has pleaded guilty to obstructing an investigation by removing the wreckage of the plane he crashed. He had staged the crash for more YouTube clicks, now he faces imprisonment. There were no fatalities in that crash, but researchers have observed strong activation of gamma waves in humans just before death sets in, which could indicate some form of inner consciousness – the most important news at a glance.

The WordPress-Plug-in Essentials Addon for Elementor has more than a million installations. IT researchers have one critical vulnerability discovered in it, the unregistered attackers from the network that completely compromising a WordPress instance allows. An updated version of the plug-in is available. The vulnerability allows escalation of rights to the system, without prior authentication. It’s possible that Reset any user’s passwordas long as their username is known: Critical vulnerability in popular WordPress plugin affects millions of websites.

Extreme athlete Trevor Jacob has over 3.7 million views with his YouTube-Video “I Crashed My Airplane” produced since the end of 2021. However, the attention that this attracted could cost the 29-year-old dearly. He has himself pleaded guiltyfor impeding investigations by US federal agencies. Among other things, he confessed, intentionally, that Wreckage of his plane completely destroyed and disposed of that he intentionally crashed in a California national park. The former Olympic snowboarder also confirms speculation that he gain online viewers with this promotion wanted: Extreme athletes face 20 years in prison for plane crashes staged on YouTube.

what happens in Brainif we dieafter our heart has stopped and the lack of oxygen sets in? Scientists have long assumed that Thinking organ then hardly works. However, a small retrospective pilot study recently provided evidence that the dying experience recurrence across different brain regions brief but strong brainwave activation in the gamma frequency band. In parallel with this sudden brain activity, her heart beat faster. A gamma wave activity surge is considered more potential Biomarkers of some kind of inner consciousness: What the brain does when dying after cardiac arrest.

systems of generative artificial intelligence (AI) such as ChatGPT and Midjourney are currently demonstrating their effectiveness for a wide variety of practical applications. It is becoming apparent that they also change the world of work massively. According to one professor of economic policy, Software development and data analysis much in the years to come more automated become. In contrast to past technological innovations, the effects of generative AI should also be seen this time around Occupations with higher educational qualifications and income particularly affect: AI and labor market – “Many companies will question their own large IT staff”.

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Microsoft would like the open source browser Firefox in the future with Bing as default search is delivered. The Windows group allegedly wants to bid for the standard search engine place this year. so far is Google as default search preset, which costs the search engine giant a lot. According to reports, Google now pays more than $450 million. The annual payments are the Main source of income for Firefox developers Mozilla and accounted for 83 percent of total Mozilla revenue in 2021. But for Mozilla it is possible deal with Microsoft risky: Microsoft wants to bid for Bing as the default search in Firefox.

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