Short tests: USB housing for SSDs, mobile phone holder with AI and mobile audio recorder

We tested the Orico M2PJM-C3-GY-BP SSD case, the Obsbot Me phone holder with object tracking, and the Tascam Portacapture X6 portable audio recorder.

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  • Lutz Labs
  • Hartmut Gieselmann

This time the short test includes gadgets for video enthusiasts, for audio recorders and for everyone who still has old M.2 SSDs lying around. For the latter we provide the SSD case Orico M2PJM-C3-GY-BP before. It accepts M.2 SSDs with SATA or PCIe controllers and quickly connects them to the PC via USB. The SSDs can be used as storage on the go.

Anyone who takes videos of themselves with their cell phone usually wants to remain in the picture even when there is movement. The smartphone holder Obsbot Me does this automatically via AI. The mount consists of an electromechanical body with a 120-degree wide-angle camera. Using the built-in camera, the body and thus also the jammed mobile phone follow the targeted person. So you always stay in focus when recording sports, live streaming or in video conferences.

With the Tascam Portacapture X6 Thanks to low-noise microphones, you can professionally record conversations and music on the go. The Portacapture X6 convinces with excellent recording quality, clear operation and useful additional functions. The recordings can be changed directly on the device: you can play in two jingles for live podcasts or mix all the tracks. The battery life varies between 5:30 and 13:30 hours – depending on the microphone equipment.

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