Kritika Khurana To Malvika Sitlani

5 Famous Fashion Influencers Who Got Divorced In Their Twenties: Kritika Khurana To Malvika Sitlani

Famous fashion blogger, Kritika Khurrana, a.k.a. That Boho Girl’s separation news within six months of her grand wedding had left everyone shocked. However, it was beauty blogger, Malvika Sitlani’s divorce during her first pregnancy that created a stir. No matter what the trollers or people around the world say, these fashion influencers proved that parting ways with someone you don’t see your future with is better than staying in a relationship that takes a toll on your mental health.

These fashion influencers took divorce in their twenties and proved that it is not an end-of-life, but a restart after you take a wrong decision. After all, we all make mistakes, and it is a part of being human. Let’s take a look at 5 fashion influencers who divorced their partners in their twenties!

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#1. Malvika Sitlani parted ways with her husband, Akhil Aryan

Malvika Sitlani, who is a famous beauty content creator, got married to Akhil Aryan on March 17, 2020. The couple had dated for ten years before getting married. However, after three years of togetherness and when they were about to embrace parenthood, Malvika and Akhil called it quits. For Malvika, it has been super tough to go to bed alone. In her note, she mentioned that they will be co-parenting their kid together. On May 10, 2023, Malvika welcomed a baby girl, and to everyone’s surprise, her estranged husband, Akhil was with her.

#2. Karnika Budhiraja divorced Mohit Kathuria

Remember the famous fashion influencer, Karnika Budhiraja. Well, she might have left the world of influencers, but her fans still eagerly follow her. The gorgeousness was earlier married to Mohit Kathuria, whom she had met on a dating website, Tinder. The ex-couple dated for four months before they decided to get married. Karnika’s family was against their union, so they eloped. However, within a few months of being together, Karnika announced her divorce on her IG handle and revealed that Mohit would beat her and she was living in an unhappy marriage. Currently, Karnika lives in Australia, and she is soon going to get married to Jashan Ghuman.

#3. Kritika Khurana a.k.a ‘That Boho Girl’ divorced her husband within six months of marriage

Blogger, Kritika Khurana AKA 'That Boho Girl' Announces Divorce Within Six Months Of Marriage

Kritika Khurana, famously known as ‘That Boho Girl’, announced her separation from her husband, Aditya Chhabra in 2022. The influencer, who also shared her life on her YouTube channel, often posted glimpses of her newly-constructed home by her husband, Aditya, and would brag about her happily ever after. The news left the internet shocked. She didn’t share the reason behind it, but called it a serious one, and also added that initially, she had sacrificed a lot in her marriage, but she can’t do it anymore.

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#4. Komal Narang of MyHappinesz announced her separation from Lucky Singh

Former YouTuber, Komal Narang A.K.A. MyHappinesz Confirms Her Divorce With Lucky, Shares A Picture

Another famous YouTuber, Komal Narang, who is still popular as MyHappinesz and rose to fame with her family Vlogs and beauty channel, got separated from her husband, Lucky Singh. Rumours of Komal and Lucky’s separation started in early 2021. However, no one knew the reason behind it, and Komal never even talked about it. She left her Vlogging journey and switched her career. However, on her son, Viaan’s sixth birthday, she hinted at her separation and added that how kids only want happy parents and not married ones.

#5. Aakriti Rana divorced Parleen Gill at the peak of her Vlogging career

Famous fashion influencer, Akriti Rana was earlier married to Indian Idol 3 contestant, Parleen Gill. She happily used her husband’s last name, and the moment she dropped his surname from her name on her IG handle, everyone knew something was wrong between them. The couple got married in 2016. However, they decided to part ways within a few years of living together. After her divorce, she found love again in her first boyfriend, Rohan, who is an officer in the Indian Merchant Navy. Akriti tied the knot again with her dream man in April 2023.

Well, these fashionistas, who have been ruling social media, proved that a happy marriage consists of two happy people, and if one of them is feeling burdened, then it is okay to leave. Whether it is Kritika Khurana’s divorce within six months or Komal Narang’s separation after a child, these divas proved divorce is a restart button and not an end of life.

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