Suspected cyber attack: Bremen clinics have been without internet since Wednesday

The Bremen clinic group “Gesundheit Nord”, or Geno for short, was disconnected from the Internet on Wednesday of this week. A spokeswoman for the clinic network confirmed the incident to Buten and Binnen. Accordingly, the clinic network was disconnected from the Internet as a precaution when unusual events were discovered.

The network is still functional internally. The clinics of the Geno network could continue to send emails to each other. Patients are not in danger, the spokeswoman told the magazine,

Screenshot of the Geno webpage with phone reference

Screenshot of the Geno webpage with phone reference

The clinics of the Geno network can currently only be reached by telephone. The website also indicates this.

(Bild: Screenshot / dmk)

In order to communicate with external bodies, however, employees currently have to do without computers and pick up the telephone. The Geno website currently also states that the hospitals cannot be reached by e-mail, but only by telephone.

The association spokeswoman further explained that the cause is currently unclear and investigations would be carried out to find out. When asked about a potential hacker attack, she replied: “We cannot rule out that it is an attack”.

Nobody at the North Health Network was able to give us any information, official bodies could not be reached. However, employees confirmed that they could not get on the Internet. According to reliable sources, systems have been shut down for “IT security reasons”.

In the recent past, this was always an indication of a cyber break-in. For example, the IT service provider Bitmarck has recently shut down systems to contain a cyber attack and has apparently not yet been able to restore various systems. Many health insurance companies are still struggling with massive disruptions.


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