Alia Bhatt Shares Raha’s Favourite Spot In House, Reveals The Latter And Ranbir Kapoor Have A Ritual

Alia Bhatt Shares Raha's Favourite Spot In House, Reveals The Latter And Ranbir Kapoor Have A Ritual

One of the most successful actresses of B-town who is currently leading all the headlines and wowing everyone with her achievements is none other than actress, Alia Bhatt. With her husband, Ranbir Kapoor and daughter, Raha, she is experiencing the happiest times in her life. Now and then, the actress talks about her married life and shares cutesy secrets about her daughter, Raha. The same thing happened again when the actress was interviewed for Harper’s Bazar, where she talked about her husband, Ranbir, and their cutesy munchkin, Raha.

Alia Bhatt disclosed Raha’s favourite area in their house

While talking about her family, in a recent interview with Bazar, Alia Bhatt shared that Ranbir has a daily ritual for Raha. Recently the actress took to her IG handle to post a candid moment of Raha with her papa. In the picture, both of them were seen sitting on their balcony. In the present interview, the actress shared that this moment happens every day between Ranbir and Raha, as the former keeps taking the latter there every day.

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Alia also revealed that the balcony is Raha’s favourite spot as she enjoys the peaceful and greenery atmosphere. The actress then shared that Ranbir takes Raha there daily and talks to her while she enjoys the peaceful environment. Alia then added that day she got artistic and clicked that cutesy picture. Alia Bhatt shared:

“It is Raha’s favourite spot in the house because there is a lot of peace and greenery there. I would say it is her favourite spot as my husband keeps taking her there and making her sit there. He sits next to her and talks to her while she is looking at the greenery and breeze, so it was a moment and they do this every day but I got super artistic (that day).”

ralia and raha

When Alia Bhatt shared a candid picture of Ranbir and Raha from their balcony

On April 24, 2023, the Gangubai Kathiawadi actress took to her IG handle and dropped a cutesy candid picture of Ranbir and Raha. In the picture, the actor was seen spending quality time with her cutesy munchkin. Although Ranbir and Raha’s faces were not visible in the picture, the latter was seen sitting in her pram and the former just beside her on the balcony of their home, Vaastu. The papa-daughter duo was seen enjoying the skyline in the monochromic picture. Sharing the photo on her IG handle, Alia Bhatt wrote:

“I think have become the best photographer since the 6th of November.”

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When Alia Bhatt talked about the cutesy gestures of Raha when she breastfeeds her

Alia also opened up about some cute gestures Raha makes when she feeds her. The actress shared that her little munchkin looks up and touches her face. The actress called it a romantic moment between the two and the best thing in the world. The actress shared:

“My daughter started touching my face. I think that’s the best thing that’s happened to me this past week. Because now when I’m feeding her, she just takes a minute, looks up at me and starts touching my face. It’s like a romantic moment between the two of us. And it’s literally the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my life.”

Alia also revealed that she has several cute nicknames for her little daughter. She shared that she gives Raha the most random names like pumpkin, pudding, and cappuccino. The actress shared:

“We call her different nicknames, but I like calling her pumpkin and pudding and pumpkin latte and cappuccino. I call her the most random names sometimes. Anything that just sounds really cute goes with her.”

When Alia Bhatt talked about not posting Raha’s picture on social media

In a recent interview with Vogue, Alia Bhatt shared that she doesn’t think a baby needs a  public personality. She also shared that she and Ranbir are clear about for how long they don’t want Raha to be in the public eye. Elaborating on the same, Alia Bhatt shared:

“Ranbir and I are very clear on how long we don’t want Raha to be in the public eye for. We don’t even want to post her pictures on social media. I just don’t feel comfortable with any sort of conversation around my little baby right now. There have been so many good wishes, so many blessings. I’m constantly referred to as Raha’s mommy, which I love and find it very cute. But that’s all I’m okay with right now. I’m very protective of the people I love. And I genuinely don’t think that a baby needs to be a public personality.”

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt

Well, what do you think about Alia Bhatt’s interview? Let us know.

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