heise+ update from May 12, 2023: Reading tips for the weekend

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Not a day goes by when there aren’t umpteen new pieces of news from the field of artificial intelligence to report – new questions that are raised, new products that come onto the market. What is exciting for us as the editorial team, but hopefully also for you as readers, is the step back and the attempt from time to time to cast a meta-perspective on this rapidly developing topic. This week we do that in a conversation with Kristian Kersting. Kersting is Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at the TU Darmstadt and co-founder and scientific co-director of the research center hessian.AI. With his column in the Welt am Sonntag, he also repeatedly gets involved in the public debate about AI research. In an interview, he explains why he believes that Europe can still catch up when it comes to AI – and that, in his view, politicians do not take the issue seriously enough.

The second text that I would like to recommend to you deals with precisely this area of ​​tension between politics and how it deals with AI. The European Union wanted to regulate artificial intelligence. But then came ChatGPT last fall. And now compromise seems further away than ever. Our big analysis of the fight for the so-called AI Act in the EU.

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