From Ampler to VanMoof: who builds the best city e-bike? | c’t uplink 48.3b

Commuter dreams or nightmares? Smart e-bikes promise a lot: they want to get you to your destination in a relaxed manner, they come up with exciting statistics and they even defend themselves against thieves.

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In the uplink we take a closer look at the smart city bikes from Ampler, Honbike, Rose, Urtopia and VanMoof. Each of the bikes has its strengths, some are better all-rounders, others more sporty – some bikes are still struggling with teething problems.

Also in the studio: Robin Brandt, Steffen Hergert and Stefan Porteck

Moderation: Sophia Zimmermann

This is the first part of a double episode on the subject of e-bikes. On Saturday we will clarify what you should basically consider if you want to buy an e-bike.

c’t 11/2023 is available at kiosks, in browsers and in the c’t app for iOS and Android.

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