Developer Snapshots: Programmer news in a sentence or two

Here is the quite subjective selection of smaller messages of the past few days:

  • The development team behind the application server WildFly has now published the release plan for the software until January 2024. After a temporary departure from the development model in early 2022, which produced a new release every three months to make the transition to Jakarta EE 10, the developers now want to return to this rotation
  • The free JavaScript library jQuery has reached version 3.7.0. It also offers a new method along with bug fixes and performance improvements. Also, with this release, jQuery no longer depends on Sizzle as a separate project, but has integrated its code directly into the jQuery core.
  • The makers behind the Internet platform Stack Overflow have now started their annual survey among developers again. You can now take the 2023 Delevoper Survey online. The survey is divided into seven sections, whereby the majority of the questions should be optional and the complete answer should only take 15 minutes.
  • The Apache Lucene library for search engines, written in Java, is available in version 9.6.0. According to the development team, this version includes numerous bug fixes, optimizations and improvements. In addition to introducing a new KeywordField for easy and efficient filtering and sorting, support for the Java 20 Foreign Memory API is now available, among other things.
  • Version 4 of the flat file CMS Statamic was released. This version should focus on two things in particular: The control panel should bring a better user experience and the development team has also modernized the code base, according to their own statements.

  • The company Leaning Technologies will probably not finally publish the CheerpJ 3.0 software as an official release until summer 2023. The developers behind this JVM replacement in HTML5 and WebAssembly for running Java applications and applets on browsers are already providing a “sufficiently stable version” of this software in a JavaFiddle demo and explaining its possibilities.
  • Google has published the results of the Go developer survey conducted in the first quarter of 2023 on the Go Blog. Findings from this survey include the insight that newcomers to Go are particularly interested in web development and that dependency management and versioning have emerged as the biggest challenges for maintainers of open source Go modules .
  • Microsoft has released the regular update for Java in Visual Studio Code. Among the innovations, the team behind this software counts improvements in debugging, profile support in the Maven extension, a new Java Project Explorer interface and improved visualization in the Spring Boot Dashboard.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched two new open-source projects that the site says will also address concerns about software supply chain security. These include the new Snapchange fuzzing tool and a recently introduced language and SDK called Cedar for defining permissions in the form of policies. These should describe who should have access to what. At the same time, the language also represents a specification for evaluating these guidelines.
  • Epic Games has announced the availability of its own Unreal Engine version 5.2. New in this version is the Substrates function, which is intended to allow developers to create individual materials for their objects, which they can use in real-time applications and games or for linear content creation. Additional features and improvements have also been added to the virtual production toolset to give filmmakers more creative options.


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