Critical vulnerabilities in Canon printers allow code smuggling

Various printer models from Canon for offices, multifunction printers, laser printers and inkjet printers have vulnerabilities that allow attackers from the network to insinuate malicious code by sending manipulated requests. Cyber ​​intruders could use this to nest in networks, for example.

In a security warning, the manufacturer lists a number of vulnerabilities without detailed explanations. Seven vulnerabilities are of the buffer overflow type (CVE-2023-0851, CVE-2023-0852, CVE-2023-0853, CVE-2023-0854, CVE-2023-0855, CVE-2023-0856, CVE-2022-43974; all CVSS 9.8Ri Canon network printers: further vulnerabilities

A vulnerability affects problems with the initial registration of system administrators in control logs (CVE-2023-0857, CVSS 5.9, middle). In addition, attackers from the network segment of the printers could gain unauthorized access due to insufficient authentication in the RemoteUI (CVE-2023-0858, CVSS 3.1, low). During configuration data import, malicious actors could install arbitrary files on the printers (CVE-2023-0859, CVSS 2.2, low).

The i-Sensys LBP621Cw, LBP623Cdw, LBP633Cdw, LBP664Cx, MF641Cw, MF643CDW, MF645Cx, MF742CDW, MF744CDW, MF746Cx, X C1127i, C1127iF and X C1127P printer models sold in Europe are from the majority of the gaps affected. ImagePrograf TC-20, TC-20M, Maxify GX3040, GX3050, GX4040, GX4050 and Pixma G3430, G3470 BK, G3470 Red, G3470 WH, G3570, G3571, G3572 are only vulnerable to the critical vulnerability CVE-2022-43974 , G4470 and G4570.

Admins can find updated firmware for the vulnerable printers on Canon’s support site. Even if, according to Canon’s findings, the vulnerabilities have not yet been abused, administrators should download and install the updates quickly.

In the middle of last year, Canon printers, among other things, attracted attention because they used a faulty crypto library. They could be cracked with a 380-year-old factorization algorithm.


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