WWDC 2023 Prediction: What we expect from iOS 17

After that you can actually set the clock: Every year around the beginning of June, the developer meeting World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) takes place at Apple – and the company’s new operating systems are always presented and then distributed to the developer community as a beta. That should be the case again in 2023. One is once again particularly excited about the developments in iOS, Apple’s operating system for by far the most important product. But what innovations will iOS 17 bring to the iPhone? Our overview of possible Apple plans.

Apple is planning at least one completely new app for iOS 17. It should be a tool for recording one’s own life, a journaling or diary product in which the company wants to use the data that the iPhone records. For this purpose, the company had already hired developers years ago who came from the “Quantified Self” environment. It is conceivable, for example, that the iPhone will show the user how far he has walked and where. You can also capture images and personal thoughts. All of this should not leave your own device, they say – Apple values ​​privacy.

Apparently, the mood of the user will also be recorded in the future. This is already partly possible in the health app, but is to be expanded. In this way, one could recognize psychological problems in good time and get help. Tracking of changes in vision is also being considered, it is said – also in the health app.

Apple is said to be planning a radical redesign of the Control Center, which can be used to quickly trigger important functions. This slowly becomes confusing as the number of available commands increases. There should be more configuration options here. Apple is also said to be planning interactive widgets that do more than just display data or launch apps. Hopefully this is also planned for the always-on lock screen on the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max.

There are also supposedly changes to the Spotlight search and the display of notifications. Various features that Apple has already announced should also come with iOS 17: These include CarPlay 2.0, the verification of iMessage contacts and the sideloading of apps prescribed by the EU Commission. Apparently there are also changes to the design of the Apple Wallet. Finally, new anti-stalking measures for trackers such as AirTags can be expected – probably later in the year. Together with Google, Samsung and others, such devices should be able to be detected independently of the manufacturer in the future.

WWDC 2023 starts on June 5th. As usual, Mac & i reports with a live ticker from the keynote with Tim Cook and other Apple managers, which will probably take place around 7 p.m.

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