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Scheduling appointments made easy: The WhatsApp survey function is being expanded. With an update, it is now possible to specify that each participant in a group only answers a survey once. Similar to survey tools such as Doodle or Nuudel, decisions can be made with it, for example. The creator of a survey determines the answer modalities. If everyone should only be able to give one answer, the creator must deactivate the “Allow multiple answers” option.

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Surveys can also be found more easily. Just as there is already a filter for media content and links, there is now one for surveys in Messenger. So that you don’t miss any results, there are notifications when other people have answered surveys. Each participant can see who and how many others have also voted.

Media content can be forwarded with a caption. Of course, you can still delete the associated text or completely rewrite it and add additional information. You can also write captions when forwarding photos and videos. Even documents are given space for an associated explanation.

The update will be available to users worldwide in the coming weeks, according to the WhatsApp blog post.


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