#TGIQF: The product three-way battle – e-bike, vacuum cleaner or robot lawn mower?

Today’s Friday quiz moves into the depths of product marketing, where many bright minds have to come up with names for new products. These names should then be unique and memorable at least until the next product generation appears in the following year.

“Thank God It’s Quiz Friday!” Every Friday there is a new quiz from the areas of IT, technology, entertainment or nerd knowledge:

This works sometimes more, sometimes not so well and there are unintentionally funny names for everyday devices. That’s why we’re asking you today: Which name goes with which product? We are going into the areas of e-bikes, robotic lawnmowers and vacuum cleaners – if only because some designations for certain devices also fit into the other categories. So a tip: The most obvious name does not always belong to the suspected product category.

Have fun puzzling! If you want to prepare, in our heiseshow there was also a TGIQF three-question preview in addition to the topics of the week.

The clock keeps ticking and rewards quick answers. With quick play you can get up to 200 points in 10 questions. The score can be compared with other players in the forum. However, please refrain from using spoilers so as not to spoil the fun of the quiz for other participants. As always, praise and criticism are welcome.

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