New in .NET 7.0 [14]: Style selector for new WebAPI projects

In addition to the paternalism mentioned in the previous part of the series, .NET 6.0 made another requirement that not everyone liked: All new WebAPI projects with ASP.NET Core used the new API style in .NET 6.0 ” Minimal APIs” without controller classes.

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In .NET 7.0, Microsoft gives you the choice again. At the command line arises at

dotnet new webapi

by default in the new project again a file system folder /Controllers with a controller class

The new standard for WebAPI projects is back to the old style (Fig. 1).

The minimal APIs only exist if you explicitly use the parameter --use-minimal-apis adds:

dotnet new webapi --use-minimal-apis

In Visual Studio, the option is called the other way around: “Use Controllers”. However, it is active by default.

in Visual Studio you have to uncheck “Use Controllers” for the minimal APIs (Fig. 2).

Figure 3 shows two WebAPI projects:

  • On the left is a minimal API, but with a start class instead of top-level statements. A waiver class Program and Main() would be possible by disabling “Do not use top-level statements”.
  • On the right is the classic controller style with a separation between the start class and the controller class.

Minimal API vs. Controller style – each with class Program and Main (Fig. 3)

Both styles can now be combined with the “Do not use top-level statements” option. If you turn off “Do not use top-level statements” you don’t get a starting class Program and no static Main()-Method more (see Figure 4). So in total there are now four templates for ASP.NET Core-based WebAPIs:

  • controller style with start class,
  • Controller-Stil mit Top-Level-Statements,
  • Minimal API with startup class
  • Minimal-API mit Top-Level-Statements.

Minimal API versus Controller style – each with top-level statements (Fig. 4)


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