Naga Chaitanya Reveals He And Samantha Are Formally Divorced, Says His She Is A ‘Lovely Person’

Naga Chaitanya Reveals He And Samantha Are Formally Divorced, Says His Ex-Wife Is A 'Lovely Person'

One of the most talked about separations in the industries is none other than that of actors, Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Naga Chaitanya. The duo got married in 2017, and after five years of togetherness, they chose to call their marriage quits. Hence, the duo had to go through a rough phase after their separation. Now and then, we have seen Samantha talking about her separation from Naga. In a recent conversation with ETimes, Naga Chaitanya opened up about his separation from Samantha.

Naga Chaitanya talked about his irritation when people keep picking on his marriage

The South Indian actor, Naga Chaitanya is busy promoting his upcoming film, Custody. However, in a recent interview with ETimes, the actor was asked how he deals with unwanted questions from his personal life, especially when promoting a film. To answer the question, the actor said that he first used to avoid or stare down such questions, but now he wants to ask a question to such people. Naga’s question can be read as:

“Why people are still picking on my marriage? Why are people still speculating about it?”

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Naga Chaitanya confirms the news of his formal divorce from Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Further in the interview, the actor was asked about his ex-wife and the brilliant actress, Samantha Ruth Prabhu. Naga was asked if his ex-wife, Samantha, has moved on like he has moved on. To the question, the actor said that both of them have moved on in life, as it’s been two years since they were separated and one year since they were divorced. Naga also stated that no matter what but he has a huge respect for that phase of life. Naga Chaitanya stated:

“Yes. It’s been more than two years since we separated and a year since we were formally divorced. The court has us granted us a divorce. Both of us have moved on with our lives. I have tremendous respect for that phase of my life.”

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Naga Chaitanya said his ex-wife, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, is a lovely person

In the same interview, Naga Chaitanya was asked if Samantha has tremendous respect for that phase in life. Naga then stated that she is a lovely person and deserves all the happiness in life. The actor then went on to say that it is the media who speculate things, and everything goes awkward between them. Elaborating on the same, Naga said:

“I know. She is a lovely person and deserves all happiness. It is only when the media speculates that things get awkward between us. In the public eye, that mutual respect is taken away. That’s what I feel bad about.”

samantha and chaitanya

The Custody actor then told ETimes that the worst thing is when a third party is brought by the media to make headlines, with whom his past has no connection, which he thinks to be most disrespectful. While speaking about the same, Naga Chaitanya said:

“They bring in a third party, someone who is not connected to my past to create headlines out of that. It is very disrespectful to the third party whom they are unnecessarily involving with my past.


Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Naga Chaitanya’s separation

The hardest part of being in love with someone is to leave them, and when that occurs, everything in life seems meaningless. So was the case with actress, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, who just a few days ago shared that the separation from her ex-husband, Naga Chaitanya, provided her with the hardest time.

Naga Chaitanaya and Samantha

The reason for the separation of the duo is yet unknown. But on the sets of  Koffee With Karan season 7, Samantha shared that their separation was not amicable, and they were not on cordial terms after separation.


What are your views on Naga Chaitanya’s take on his separation from Samantha Ruth Prabhu? Let us know.

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