Handicraft project: The X-Wing to bite – birthday dream for Star Wars fans

Every Star Wars fan is happy about a spaceship for their birthday. Here we show you how to build one that you can also eat.

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With Star Wars, Lucas Film has not only created its own fantasy universe. The makers have also succeeded in creating a cross-generational merchandising machine. Even first graders now know all the characters, spaceship types, weapons and the plot of the films so well that they would easily put most adults in their pockets in a Star Wars quiz show – without ever having seen one of the original strips (FSK12) themselves have, of course!

It goes without saying that Star Wars is very popular at children’s birthday parties. If you want to give the bonsai star warriors a cool surprise, you can try your hand at an edible X-wing fighter. The building materials are available in every well-stocked supermarket, and the home kitchen serves as the spaceship dockyard.

I assembled the fuselage and wings from vanilla cream wafers. To do this, I first had to get a few waffles into the right shape. A knife with a sawtooth edge or at least a serrated edge is very good for cutting them up. It is crucial to work them gently with little pressure and long sawing movements. Then even fine cutouts succeed and the risk of breakage is not so high.

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