Developer Snapshots: Programmer news in a sentence or two

Our overview of small, interesting messages includes Spring Modulith, Tabnine AI, Valgrind, Dolly 2.0, MPS, Docker Desktop and SPA 1.0, among others.

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  • Matthew Parbel
  • Frank-Michael Schlede
  • Rainald Menge-Sunday
  • Good Möbus
  • Silke Hahn

Here is the quite subjective selection of smaller messages of the past few days:

  • The library collection Spring Modulith has reached version 0.6. Spring Modulith allows developers to implement logical modules in Spring Boot applications. Among other things, the new release offers support for jMolecules architecture stereotypes in the Application Module Canvas as well as autoconfiguration for MongoDB transactions. The first major release of Spring Modulith is expected to appear together with the Spring Boot 3.1 GA.
  • The pair programming assistant Tabnine AI, powered by artificial intelligence, is now also available for Java development with Eclipse – for all versions from Starters to Pro to Enterprise Edition.
  • For version 3.21 of the Valgrind code analysis tool suite, the development team has tried to better integrate the GDB debugger. Valgrind now offers GDB Python commands for which GDB autocompletion and command-specific help, among other things, are available in the GDB CLI.
  • Databricks makes its AI language model Dolly 2.0 including the dataset “databricks-dolly-15k” available as open source on Hugging Face. Now the company is also giving users the option of easily transferring data from an Apache Spark dataset directly to Hugging Face datasets for training and tuning.
  • JetBrains’ language workbench for creating domain-specific languages ​​MPS is now at version 2022.3. Among other things, the release brings an update of the constraint rules, improvements when loading modules and the possibility to import stubs from compiled Kotlin or JVM libraries.

  • The OpenJS Foundation has received an investment of €875,000 from the Sovereign Tech Fund to further expand JavaScript infrastructure and security. This is the third-largest one-time government investment in a Linux Foundation project, according to the OpenJS Foundation. The Sovereign Tech Fund is financed by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection.
  • Docker Desktop is at version 4.19. The container-to-host networking performance is said to be five times higher under macOS and the Docker engine and the CLI have received an update to Moby 23. The still-beta CLI command docker init can now handle Python and Node.js. Support for other programming languages ​​and frameworks such as Java, Rust and .NET is to follow.
  • Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code Extension for Python has received its monthly update. As one of the changes, the Jupyter Extension is no longer installed automatically when developers install the Python Extension. However, a VS Code profile can be created that includes both extensions.
  • The PostgreSQL Global Development Group announces the availability of SPA 1.0 – a data protection and security solution for Postgres customers. It is a privacy and security framework with its own set of rules that can be integrated with any custom privacy functionality, including third-party extensions.
  • Slack and Salesforce announced new AI integration Slack GPT at Salesforce’s World Tour New York. The AI ​​is natively integrated with Slack, providing the ability to integrate generative AI apps, use different language models, and access customer data from Customer 360 and Data Cloud. A collaboration with Salesforce’s Einstein GPT has also been announced.


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