Autonomous electric tractor: CNH T4 Electric Power drives quietly across the field

Italian-US agricultural and construction machinery manufacturer CNH has partnered with US electrified agricultural machinery specialist Monarch Tractor to develop an autonomous, electric-powered tractor. This reports Robotics & Automation News. Accordingly, he should be the first autonomous electric tractor. The tractor should be available under the names New Holland Agriculture and CNH Case IH (also T4 Electric Power). Series production is scheduled to begin in late 2023.

The electric tractor is one of the land tractors. Its electric motor delivers around 88 kW (120 hp) with a maximum torque of 440 Nm. The tractor reaches a maximum speed of 40 km/h. It has all-wheel drive.

According to the manufacturer, the batteries with an undisclosed capacity should be sufficient for a whole working day, depending on the application profile. The battery should be able to be recharged with conventional rapid charging systems. This happens in just one hour to 100 percent.

The T4 Electric Power has several sockets to connect electrical work equipment such as drills and welders. It can also serve as an emergency generator. In addition, mechanical and hydraulic attachments can be connected.

The electric tractor is said to show “extraordinary performance” compared to a conventional diesel tractor. It responds more aggressively, has better traction control and works more efficiently. The operating costs are said to be up to 90 percent below those of a diesel-powered tractor because the maintenance costs are lower.

The T4 should work extremely quietly. The companies speak of a noise reduction of 90 percent compared to conventional tractors. Nighttime operation is also possible. It also protects the nerves of livestock when used in stables.

The autonomous functions are a unique selling point. Various sensors and cameras are housed on the roof. The tractor has autonomous driving options and can be controlled and monitored remotely via an app – such as performance and battery status. It has a shadow follow me mode that is supposed to allow the T4 to sync up with other farming machines and work with them in the field. 360-degree obstacle detection helps when avoiding objects.

In addition to the T4 Electric Power, CNH offers other tractors for sustainable agricultural cultivation with alternative drives. These include the New Holland T7 Methan Power LNG and the T6 Methan Power which can be operated with gas.


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