Alia Bhatt Talks About Leaving 6-Month-Old Daughter, Raha At Home For 4 Days: ‘This Is The Longest’

Alia Bhatt Talks About Leaving 6-Month-Old Daughter, Raha At Home For 4 Days: 'This Is The Longest'

Alia Bhatt left the entire world in awe with a dazzling outfit hand-embroidered with 1 lakh pearls at the Met Gala event pearl outfit at the Met Gala event. The 30-year-old made India proud with her walk and the way she radiated the glow. And no one, absolutely, no one can guess that she delivered her baby via c-section, almost six months ago. While Alia Bhatt aced the red-carpet event, it was extremely difficult for her to be away from her baby girl, Raha Kapoor.

Alia Bhatt talked about leaving her daughter, Raha Kapoor at home for the first time

In a YouTube video shared by Vogue, Alia was getting glammed for the Met Gala 2023 event. While getting ready, the actress talked about how difficult it was for her to leave her daughter, Raha at home for four days. She shared that she has been away from Raha for like 24 hours. However, this is the first time that she has been away from her for so long. She was quoted as saying:

“So this is the longest I have been away from my daughter, Raha. And she is almost 6 months now and I have only been away from her for like 24 hours before this, like for one day and now it’s almost going to be like 4 days. I get a couple of seconds to video call her as soon as I wake up.”

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When Alia Bhatt talked about losing weight, unnaturally after her c-section delivery

In an interview with Vogue India, Alia Bhatt opened up on how people think that she lost her weight unnaturally. She clarified that she had not followed any unnatural method to get back in shape. Alia also added that she can’t even get her wisdom tooth extracted because she is breastfeeding Raha, and she cannot be given anaesthesia.

Alia further added that people think that stars do unnatural things to get their bodies back in shape. She added that it was the prime reason why she documented parts of her fitness journey on her Instagram handle. Alia didn’t put any pressure on herself. She further revealed that her doctors told her to start heavy workouts post 12 weeks of her delivery.

Well, Alia is a doting mommy, and her daughter, Raha will be super proud of her when she grows up! 

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