Thursday: Dispute over useless video glasses, Amnesty International with AI images

The Orqa video goggles used by many drone pilots suddenly stopped booting. Orqa accuses a supplier of installing ransomware with a timer. It points to an expired license. Meanwhile, Amnesty International used images created by artificial intelligence for a social media campaign. After criticism they were deleted, the human rights organization apologized and explained itself. In the USA, the supervisory authorities are demanding stronger measures from Facebook, because despite the record fine, Meta is said to have continued to violate data protection regulations. Children should now be given special protection. It remains to be seen whether the maneuver will succeed – a brief overview of the most important reports.

The ones that are particularly popular with drone pilots Video Glasses by Orqa since Saturday, April 29, 2023, no longer boot, provided the correct date is set. This caused quite a stir at a drone flight competition. Apparently one is Software license expired. The Croatian manufacturer Orqa, on the other hand, brings out the heavy artillery and raises its voice criminal allegations and identifies the problem as Ransomware Time Bomb a greedy former contractor. This is apparently also a Croatian company: Useless video glasses – one’s license is another’s ransomware.

Amnesty International recently did a report on Human rights violations by the Colombian police published and advertised on social networks. are for stylized images been used by software using methods artificial intelligence were generated. Then it rained criticism and the organization has responded. The images have been removed. background are the bloody riots in Colombia 2021. The human rights organization did not want to use real photos of protesting people to present them possible government prosecution to protect: AI-generated images bring criticism to Amnesty International.

Meta Platforms has new legal trouble with the US Trade Commission FTC. An independent auditor selected by the Facebook operator has the group numerous violations of data protection regulations established. The FTC is taking this as an opportunity to reopen the proceedings, which ended in 2019 with a record fine for Facebook of five billion US dollars and extensive conditions. Now the FTC wants for 20 years stricter requirements impose as well as completely prohibit that meta Data of minors for commercial purposes uses. However, it is already disputed within the authority itself whether the child protection requirement can be imposed in this way: According to the US authority, Facebook’s shortcomings are still a “substantial risk for everyone”.

Actually should passwords long since more comfortable and safer alternatives such as Passkeys and FIDO2 soft. Since that still hasn’t happened, we’re going to use it Today’s World Password Dayto at least the current password usage as safe as possible to design. Because there are always break-ins at service providers where access data is lost. The data then often end up in the Darknetwo Cyber ​​criminals try to capitalize on it. In order to make it as difficult as possible for cyber gangsters to gain unauthorized access, the Enable multi-factor authentication an important step: World Password Day – Length matters.

There are always sites popping up on the web where the cheapest Messages created by AI published as clickbait. The #heiseshow discusses whether this is just an apparition or the beginning of a glut of AI text. There is also Criticism of electric cars that are too quiet and it’s a first time Speech connection from a satellite to an ordinary smartphone come about. What is this useful for and will we all be able to make calls via satellite soon? And of course Anna delights us again with one nerd birthdayto the WTF of the week and tricky Quiz questions to puzzle along with. These are all topics of the current #heiseshow: satellite phone calls, quiet e-cars, rip-off with AI news.

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