@Slack GPT: A real-time transparent customer, please

An AI-supported CRM center – Slack is significantly expanding its chat platform together with the owner Salesforce. The new sales features rely on Einstein GPT. The sales team communicates with Customer 360 via its chatbot. In line with the situation, the customer data is available in real time directly in Slack, which should help the salespeople to understand the customer and their wishes.

In general, the AI ​​features that have now been expected will be available in Slack, as in the competitor Microsoft Teams or in the free Nextcloud: Users can have the past chat summarized and get help when writing new messages. If desired, the wizard can adjust the tone of its own texts or extract information to export to a canvas. The latter are a combination of wiki and digital whiteboard. Appropriately, the AI ​​is given the name Slack GPT.

Last but not least, the developer platform, which was only presented at the end of April, will also receive new AI functions: Workflows can now also be created with AI apps. According to the announcement, ChatGPT from OpenAI, Anthropics Claude and the LLMs from Salesforce will be on board at the start. Google is going in a similar direction with its chatbot Bard, which is also to be used in classic company applications that are designed according to the no-code principle.

All of these innovations come as no surprise, as Salesforce announced a partnership with OpenAI back in March. The provider does not currently want to set itself apart from the competition with unprecedented AI functions, but with the direct availability of CRM data in Slack. However, Microsoft is also targeting the same user group with the recent linking of Dynamics 365, the Copilot AI and MS Teams.

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