Pregnant Saba Ibrahim’s Husband, Sunny Helps Set-Up Kitchen In Their Mumbai Home

Pregnant Saba Ibrahim's Husband, Sunny Helps Set-Up Kitchen In Their Mumbai Home

Shoaib Ibrahim’s sister, Saba Ibrahim is pregnant with her first child, and she has been advised complete bed rest. For the unversed, Saba Ibrahim, who is a famous YouTuber and content created, got married to her longtime boyfriend, Khalid Niyaz. The couple is expecting their first child. However, Saba is having complications, and her doctor has advised her not to travel in this crucial phase.

Saba Ibrahim’s hubby, Khalid Niyaz pampered her and helped set her kitchen

Saba Ibrahim is back Vlogging, and it is her husband, Khalid, who is helping while she rests and tries to get better. In the latest Vlog, Khalid was seen getting all the needed stuff for setting up the kitchen at Saba’s home. The couple is living together in Mumbai as Saba is on complete bed rest due to pregnancy complications. She can’t travel back to Maudha. 

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Further in the Vlog, Saba shared the new nameplate of her home, which read “Saba Sunny Ka Jahan”. It was a sweet surprise, which Saba arranged for Sunny. Saba’s family and the kids of the house even helped set up all the masalas in the kitchen. In the last, Sunny shared Saba’s health and revealed that she is getting better and stronger. 

Watch the video here!

When Shoaib Ibrahim talked about his sister, Saba Ibrahim’s pregnancy

Fans have been curiously waiting to know the health update of Saba Ibrahim, and her brother, Shoaib, talked about the same in his latest Vlog. The video started with Shoaib and Dipika making lassi for their ammi‘s birthday. Shoaib also shared glimpses of how the family celebrated their ammi‘s birthday at Saba’s home. The entire family gathered together, and their ammi looked super happy. Shoaib and Dipika also gave diamond earrings to their ammi as a birthday gift.

At the end of the video, Shoaib revealed that Saba is doing better, but she is still facing the same problem. Shoaib added that their family is trying to be with her and give her strength in this difficult time. He also asked his fans to pray for her and send her good wishes as it might work out in her favour. Shoaib also added that they planned their mother’s birthday at home as Saba is advised to complete bed red and avoid travel. Saba was also seen in the video with her husband, Khalid, and she looked happy.

When Saba Ibrahim announced her first pregnancy with her husband, Khalid Niyaz

On April 27, 2023, Saba Ibrahim announced her first pregnancy and also revealed the complications she had been going through. She updated her millions of fans about her health. The clip started with Saba and Khalid resting on the bed. Saba covered her head with a black dupatta. She revealed that she was eight weeks pregnant. However, she is not able to celebrate the same due to complications. 

What do you think of Saba’s husband, Sunny and the way he is supporting her?

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