More rumors about Final Cut Pro for the iPad

Apple’s iPad with M1 and M2 SoC is powerful enough for complex applications. However, the manufacturer has not yet started porting its professional apps to the tablet. Now there are fresh rumors that there could be a version of the professional video editing software Final Cut Pro for modern iPads.

Since the fifth generation from 2021, Apple has been using Apple silicon chips in the iPad Pro models, just like those found in the Mac. With the iPad Pro 5 this was the M1, with the iPad Pro 6 from 2022 the M2. Third-party providers in particular take advantage of the performance of these SoCs. Since last December there has been an iPadOS version of DaVinci Resolve, which is quite impressive. Competitor Lumafusion is also used entirely on the Apple tablet by some users for professional video workflows.

It has therefore been expected for a long time that the iPad manufacturer will also enter the field of professional software for its most powerful tablets. In addition to Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro or Motion are also available here. But now there are only new speculations about Final Cut Pro. Twitter leaker @analyst941 claims Apple will now Offer Final Cut Pro for iPadOS by 2024. A version of Logic Pro is also planned for 2025. The leaker, who has been correct several times in the past, claims that he has heard of a new iPad Pro model with a display of up to 14.1 inches. It can supposedly control two external 6K screens – with up to 60 Hertz.

The leak also states that Apple is planning a “full version” of Final Cut Pro for the iPad. The app will be implemented “1:1 to the big brother”, “along with a slightly modified user interface to support touch”, said @analyst941 further. Where his information came from remains unclear. Technically, however, Apple shouldn’t have any difficulties implementing powerful video editing software on the iPad.

The big question remains, however, whether Apple also wants this in terms of marketing. The company sells its professional machines such as the Mac Studio in particular – and the new Mac Pro with Apple Silicon that may be appearing soon – also as systems designed particularly well for Final Cut Pro and Co. If you can do some – or a lot – of it on an iPad, the question arises as to why you shouldn’t rely on a mobile solution.

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