iX workshop: Hacking yourself – Pentesting with open source tools

Hack like hackers: In the iX workshop Hack yourself – Pentesting with open source tools, you will learn how attackers proceed to detect misconfigurations and other weak points in corporate IT – and exploit them. You can use this knowledge to effectively secure your own systems.

First, you will get to know techniques under the keyword OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) with the help of which publicly available information about an organization or a company can be collected and evaluated – and thus also possible back doors into the system, such as compromised passwords. With various freely available open source tools and audit tools, the next step can be investigations at the network level, check web applications or even identify opportunities for privilege escalation under Windows and Linux.

A popular target for hackers is also Microsoft’s central directory service, Active Directory. In this training, you will learn how to check the core of the corporate IT in many companies for gaps – in order to then be able to eliminate them in a targeted manner. Measures such as the implementation of multi-factor authentication and the differentiated assignment of authorizations also help to secure your own IT systems.

Speaker Tim Mittermeier is an experienced pentester and Head of Red Teaming & Penetration Testing at Oneconsult Deutschland AG.

Would you like to know what you have to consider when tendering and commissioning penetration tests by professional security service providers? In July, we are offering the online workshop on penetration tests on this topic: understanding the methodology, writing it out correctly and evaluating the results.

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