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New AI tools have been springing up like mushrooms for a few months. A few of these work so well they’ll transform jobs. Journalists, copywriters and illustrators are particularly affected. In the future, anyone who employs these professional groups will have to ask themselves the ethical question of whether it is justifiable to save costs with AI.

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For users, the question also arises to what extent AI-generated media can still be distinguished from man-made media. That requires a great deal of media competence – which young and old people often still have to learn. A real way out of the social dilemma is not foreseeable. But as always, a technical understanding of the technology helps to predict the development to some extent.

Much will depend on how deep the true understanding of future AIs will go. We explain the rule-based AIs and go into the scaling hypothesis, see c’t 23/2022. (By the way, the joke about the craftsmen refers to an interruption of the episode that we will air on YouTube on Saturday.)

In the studio today: Pina Merkert (AI expert), Lutz-Labs (SSDs) and Niklas Dierking (2-factor login), moderated by Jörg Wirtgen. We’re talking about SSDs with SATA connections for retrofitting old PCs and notebooks — to be seen on YouTube starting Friday. Then we explain how 2-factor authentication can be hacked and why it still makes sense — to be seen on YouTube starting Saturday. Finally, we discuss how artificial intelligence could impact the media and some jobs — on YouTube starting Thursday. The entire episode will appear on the other podcast channels on Saturday.

c’t 10/2023 is available at kiosks, in browsers and in the c’t app for iOS and Android.

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