Google Photos gets complex searches

“Charlie at the Golden Gate Bridge” – Google Photos will be able to deal with such queries in the future. What is new is that the cloud system should also be able to recognize connections. In the case of the example, you only have to have defined the person “Charlie” as such in your photos. The system recognizes the bridge in San Francisco itself. For other people, such as artists and other celebrities, this has already worked automatically. Apparently, Google is increasingly working with pattern recognition and AI.

9to5Google reports on the innovations, which has also received confirmation from Google for the extended functions. According to this, the new search is offered to some users when visiting Google Photos via a browser, then a pop-up window appears with “Try a more powerfull search” and a link to a description. This was not the case in our tests with several German Google accounts.

What was noticeable with one of the accounts, however, was that minutes after the upload, freshly uploaded images that were not locally tagged were provided with an index that, among other things, recognized bands from a festival by their names. It was also possible to search for a sunset, but not for one of the “colorful sunset” patterns mentioned by 9to5Google – also with a German query. It is not yet known when the new functions will be available to everyone.

In recent years, Google has provided its photo cloud with ever more powerful functions. If you upgrade to 100 GB of storage space for currently 1.99 euros per month instead of the free 15 GB of storage space that every Google account comes with, you get online editing functions such as an object eraser and a blurred cropping of a portrait. These functions were only gradually released for more and more users.

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