Google introduces the blue tick: Verified emails in the Gmail inbox

Now blue ticks in Gmail indicate emails are from verified corporate accounts. The new symbol then appears next to the sender name for those e-mail accounts that have been checked using the Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) procedure.

Since 2018, BIMI has made it possible to display company email addresses with a logo next to the sender address – at least in email clients that support the feature. In addition to Google, Microsoft and Oath are also involved in the initiative. The authentication of the e-mail account should not only help people, but also e-mail security systems to identify spam. Anyone who has successfully completed it will now also be ennobled by Google with the blue tick.

The rollout of the new security feature in Gmail should be completed within the next few days. All Gmail users will then see blue ticks: from Workspace, G Suite Basic and Business customers to personal Google accounts. Companies that want to be authenticated via BIMI can find the instructions on the Google blog. On Twitter, the proof was recently monetized after it was taken over by Elon Musk. Unlike Twitter, Google does not charge any direct fees for the blue tick, but there are still costs associated with the BIMI registration.

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