Fakespot: Mozilla acquires fake review detection company

Mozilla acquires Fakespot, a company specializing in detecting fake reviews. Founded in 2016, the start-up specializes in tools designed to identify fake reviews on online marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay. The service offers browser plug-ins, apps and a website for checking product reviews and uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to flag those that are intended to promote inferior products or dubious sellers.

After the acquisition, Fakespot will continue to be available on all major web browsers and mobile devices. According to a statement by Mozilla board member Steve Teixeira, the Mozilla team will invest in further development. In the future, however, there will also be Fakespot functions “that are unique to Firefox”. The Chief Product Officer does not explain exactly what this could be.

In addition to detecting fraudulent reviews, Fakespot also offers its users a happier shopping experience – which in turn leads to fewer returns and a lower environmental impact. Mozilla continues to expand its work on ethical AI and responsible advertising, and Fakespot is a natural fit.

According to the announcement, Mozilla wants to work with the team and founder of Fakespot, Saoud Khalifah, on improvements and increase investments in the detection software.

Amazon had the Fakespot app removed from Apple’s App Store in 2019. The app violated App Store rules and gave “misleading information” about Amazon sellers and their products. Fakespot is bad for business and a potential security risk, according to Amazon. Two Fakespot apps are now available again in the App Store, Fakespot Lite and Fakespot Pro Browser.


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