Cross-platform: Uno Platform Extension for .NET mobile debugging in VS Code

On the way to the fifth major version, the development team behind the Uno Platform is updating its extensions for Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code. Applications for .NET Mobile can now be debugged directly within the source code editor – for both Uno Platform and .NET MAUI targets.

So far, developers have primarily been able to use the VS Code extension from Uno Platform, which is tailored to cross-platform programming, to create WebAssembly applications with C# and XAML – without forgoing functions such as auto-completion (IntelliSense) and hot reload must. Now the Uno team is also opening the extension for mobile target platforms including .NET MAUI.

In addition, debugging capabilities are also available, which according to the announcement should be comparable to those of a comprehensive development environment such as Visual Studio. Developers can now also set breakpoints, exceptions, conditional breakpoints, logpoints and variables in their code. Those interested can find more details on the use of the extension for .NET Mobile in the following video:

The blog post on the updated VS Code extension provides more information, including an overview of the features available for the different target platforms.

The Uno Platform, currently available in version 4.8.15, is available as open source on GitHub. It enables the creation of cross-platform applications for Windows, iOS, Android, WebAssembly, macOS and Linux using Microsoft’s .NET technologies C# and XAML. If you want to get to know the UI framework better, we recommend the various tutorials in the documentation – they can help you get started with the Uno Platform.


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