Color-accurate photo workflow from capture to print

Photographers must depict colors and materials authentically and in a color-accurate manner. We show you how to set up such a workflow and which tools can help.

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If we photograph in raw format, no image remains unprocessed. After raw development, we convert each motif into an exchange format such as TIFF or JPEG. During development, we benefit from the immense potential of our mostly 16-bit camera data. There you can draw from the full to correct exposures, increase contrasts, control color determinations and consciously manipulate the image colors.

A certain group of photographers, on the other hand, is pursuing completely different goals; they want or have to depict motifs as realistically as possible. This can be the museum photographer, who has to reproduce the colors of the paintings or the materials of the sculptures as precisely as possible, or a product photographer, whose task it is to show products from shoes to pieces of furniture to cars in true color online and in printed matter.

This task sounds more obvious than it is, because in practice there are many factors that can distort the colors in a photo.

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