82 percent of companies still send faxes

According to a survey by the digital association Bitkom, faxes are still a common communication medium in German companies. According to this, 82 percent of the companies surveyed sent faxes. According to Bitkom, 505 companies were interviewed for the representative survey.

About a third of the companies use the fax frequently or very frequently, although the intensive use is declining. In the previous year, 40 percent said they used it intensively, in 2021 it was 43 percent and in 2018 it was even 62 percent. Half of the companies now only fax occasionally or rarely. 16 percent did without it completely – an increase compared to the previous year, when 11 percent no longer sent any faxes.

“Once a communication channel has established itself, it usually takes a long time to completely replace it – even if there are now much more convenient and secure communication channels,” commented Nils Britze, Head of Digital Business Processes at Bitkom, on the results. What is particularly appreciated about the classic fax is the high verifiability of the delivery.


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