Thursday: Meta announces technicians, Tesla sells more at less profit

The layoffs at Facebook group Meta this week are part of Mark Zuckerberg’s Year of Efficiency. Employees in technical areas and the Instagram office in London, which will probably be closed, are now also affected. Meanwhile, Tesla has been able to sell more electric cars due to recent price cuts and wants to use its “cost leadership as a lever”. The lower margins “can be managed”, but Tesla cannot elicit where the prices are going. Another hobbyhorse of Elon Musk is artificial intelligence and in this area the company behind Stable Diffusion has released two language models as open source. The “Large Language Models” are under a copyleft license, more models are to follow – the most important news in a nutshell.

Meta Platforms has many this week further layoffs sent. These are part of those announced in March Layoffs of 10,000 people and affect now too employees with technical tasks. A month ago, Mark Zuckerberg had already announced restructuring and layoffs in technical groups for the end of April. These happen a little earlier. Another round of layoffs will follow at the end of May, which is intended primarily to hit business-related departments. The Facebook parent did not explain how many technicians and engineers are now leaving the company, but it will be around 4000 layoffs reports: Another round of layoffs at Meta, now it’s hitting tech jobs.

As Meta continues to slim down, has Tesla in the first quarter of 2023 increase sales can. Operating profit, net profit and cash flow, on the other hand, have fallen significantly. Given the price cuts in Europe, the USA and China for Tesla electric cars not surprising. But they have to be surprised by Tesla’s pricing policy: “We expect our product prices to evolve, up or down, depending on a number of factors,” management dictated vaguely. The shareholders take it easy and welcome the fact that Tesla produced and sold more electric cars than before has: Tesla’s price cut increases sales, reduces profit.

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Stability AI has with StableLM two big language models if Open Source published: The two Large Language Models (LLM) include 3 and 7 billion parameters respectively. The release is about alphaversionen. Developers are free to use, study, and adapt them for research and commercial purposes while respecting the license. StableLM-3B and StableLM-7B are under one Copyleft license, which stipulates that the software under it may be reproduced and redistributed in any format. Anyone who works with StableLM may change and edit the models for any purpose, also commercial: Stability AI releases large AI language models as open source with StableLM.

The Satelliteninternet Starlink will be in Germany and several European countries cheaper. Internet access in this country last cost 80 euros a month and the necessary antenna 460 euros, it is now 65 euros per month and only 300 euros once. A justification for the price cut names the US company responsible for the service SpaceX not, but it should be implemented automatically. The prices were not only in Germany, but also in Ireland, Spain and Austria lowered. It was only in August that the monthly fees for Starlink in Germany were reduced by 20 percent, now it’s getting cheaper again: SpaceX is again significantly reducing prices for Starlink satellite internet in Germany.

The so-called Nonliners won’t even notice that this week in the #heiseshow being talked about. Why the hard core of the analogues nevertheless also for them digitalization plays a role that should not be underestimated, we discuss in the new episode. Other themes: One for UFOs responsible employee at the Pentagon considers it possible that a interstellar Comet in the solar system actually one alien probe is. And we discuss Google’s plans for AI searchafter yourself Samsung allegedly wants to look for another search engine for its Android devices. We’ll talk about this live today from 5 p.m. on #heiseshow: Nonliner, alien comets, Google AI search.

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