New problems in the Twitter advertising business: Musk wants to sue Microsoft

New problems for Elon Musk and Twitter in the advertising business that is so important for the company: a Microsoft platform that advertisers can use to manage their activities with online services will no longer support Twitter accounts. The software giant announced this in a blog post, but gave no reasons for the step. However, this comes shortly before a change in the Twitter price model for interface access comes into effect. Corporate customers should pay at least 42,000 US dollars a month for this. That was too expensive for many smaller developers. For example, Tweetbot developer Tapbots said goodbye to Twitter, according to The Verge.

For example, without access to Twitter interfaces, software from other providers cannot publish tweets on the platform. The Microsoft service allows users to write and publish posts and see how popular they have been. The functions will work as before on Facebook, Instagram and the career network LinkedIn.

Twitter owner Elon Musk claimed on Twitter that Microsoft had “illegally” accessed data from the online software training service. “Time for a lawsuit,” he added in his tweet. The tech billionaire did not specify the allegation. Microsoft has entered into a multi-billion dollar pact with the start-up OpenAI, which, among other things, developed the popular chatbot ChatGPT. According to “The Verge”, however, it is unclear whether there will really be a lawsuit, after all Musk had repeatedly threatened lawsuits in various other contexts of his companies in the past, which ultimately never came to pass.

The dispute between Musk and Microsoft comes at a time when Twitter is currently at odds with many media outlets over designations as “state-controlled”. The US broadcaster PBS, for example, then stopped its activities on Twitter. The British BBC had previously opposed this “label”.

Traditionally, most of Twitter’s business has come from advertising. Advertisers left after Musk took over. He now hopes more for subscription revenues from users and companies. Part of the plan for this is that the verification symbol with a white tick on a blue background, which was previously given free to prominent users, should only be available for paying subscription customers.

Twitter confirmed on Wednesday that previously given free ticks should be removed on Thursday. Musk had previously announced this for April 1st. The old ticks actually verified the identity of the person behind the account. With the new model, this only applies to companies who should also pay significantly more money for their golden tick: 950 euros per month instead of 9.52 euros for individual users.


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