LaTeX: Microsoft adds a text typesetting system to the Bing chatbot

Microsoft’s Bing chat now also supports the LaTeX typesetting system, which is popular for scientific and mathematical work. Mathematical formulas are “now beautifully formatted and easy to read, so you can learn and study in chat mode,” tweeted Bing boss Jordi Ribas, who is also responsible for artificial intelligence (AI). The integration is complete and LaTeX is available in the chatbot supported by ChatGPT.

In February, Microsoft announced the integration of OpenAI’s ChatGPT into the Bing search engine, thereby helping the language model to access up-to-date content from the Internet and your own searches to get better results. Now the chatbot, which was previously only available in Microsoft’s own browser Edge, has been expanded to include LaTeX.

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Microsoft has invested several billions in the chat GPT developer OpenAI to strengthen its AI division. In the race for the best information and search results from the Internet, the top dog is Google, which wants to counteract this with Bard. Allegedly, Google used data from the competition to train its own AI.



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