IT security: Responding to security incidents with playbooks

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Increasing digitization and networking exposes companies and organizations to internal and external threats to information security. In order to maintain business operations, companies are required for regulatory reasons, but also in their own interest, to establish a management of information security incidents. In this way, incidents that occur can be dealt with promptly, appropriately and in a structured manner.

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Implementing intuitive incident response plans (hereafter called playbooks) and procedures does not require the purchase of additional tools and software, which would involve costs and the development of specific knowledge and skills.

Jerome Horn


Lotte Osterman


Jerome Horn is Senior Consultant at HiSolutions AG. He advises ISMS according to ISO 27001 and IT-Grundschutz and specializes in critical infrastructures, audits and certification.

Dominik Seidel


Lotte Osterman


Dominik Seidel is Senior Consultant at HiSolutions AG. He advises BCMS according to ISO 22031 and BSI Standard 200-4 and specializes in setting up and training emergency and crisis management teams.

The article describes a model with which scenario-specific Incident Response Playbooks can be implemented and established with Microsoft Visio (download), which support a structured approach to possible incidents.


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