Feeder for pets with smart home connection in the test

The Aqara Smart Pet Feeder C1 fills pet bowls with dry food via app, voice, schedule or sensor. However, some core functions are poorly implemented.

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Ideally, dogs and cats should be fed with a hand-filled bowl, since this form of interaction is considered a vitamin injection for the human-animal bond. If the four-legged friend is otherwise lovingly cared for, it can cope when master and mistress “app feed” it with the Smart Pet Feeder C1.

In contrast to many conventional dry feeders, the smart home model from Aqara not only serves time-controlled food, but can also be remotely controlled via the built-in ZigBee chip and automated with sensor routines.

Externally, Aqara uses the usual design conventions in this device category: A four-liter storage container is in a 31 centimeter high square plastic tower with an edge length of 19 centimeters. Rotating rubber lips scoop the pellets through a tube into a stainless steel bowl that rests in a plastic tray, extending the pitch depth to 32 centimeters; it can be removed for cleaning.

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