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The bicycle leasing provider Jobrad has informed all its customers about a security incident in which customer data was also leaked. Not only the data of the affiliated companies, but also that of the end customers were copied by attackers and are now circulating on the dark web. The cause of the data leak is apparently a ransomware attack at the Einhaus Group, a subordinate service provider of the Freiburg-based company.

In an e-mail to those affected, which heise Security has received, the JobRad management expresses its regret to all those affected and provides detailed information about the data concerned. The master data (name, address, e-mail address, telephone number) and contract data of the end customers, i.e. the users of the e-bikes, were copied. Customer passwords and bank details should not have been copied. As can be seen from the statement, access data from company contacts and bank data from employers could be affected by the leak.

The attack apparently took place around March 17, 2023 and was limited to the systems of the Einhaus group. According to the current state of knowledge, the IT infrastructure of JobRad GmbH is not affected. Only the “rate protection portal”, which is not operated by JobRad itself but by the Einhaus Group, is currently offline and will probably remain so for the time being.

As is usual for a ransomware attack, the tapped data is now apparently circulating on the dark web and is being offered for sale there. This is not only annoying for those affected, but also dangerous: Because the cyber gangsters have extensive contact data, they can start tailor-made phishing or smishing campaigns and foist fraudulent direct debits on all Jobrad corporate customers. Anyone who has leased a bicycle through their employer and the provider JobRad should therefore exercise particular caution in the coming weeks and months.


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