Bard: Google wants to compete with advertising agencies

In the future, Google customers should have access to the in-house AI Bard in order to be able to create their own sophisticated advertising campaigns. The technology is to be part of Performance Max, a program that supports advertisers with algorithms. The advertising industry is not enthusiastic about this.

The fact that Google relies on artificial intelligence for advertising is not new. The generative AI behind the chatbot Bard is expected to expand the range of services for advertisers in a few months and create campaigns at the level of advertising agencies. According to the Google presentation “AI-powered ads 2023”, advertisers can provide images, videos and texts for a specific advertising campaign, reports the Financial Times, which are then “remixed” by Google’s AI and generated for specific target groups based on sales targets, for example .

So far, the use of algorithms in Google’s advertising business has been limited to recommendations for placement and budgeting and the creation of simple ad copy, according to the Financial Times. According to the report, with the integration of its latest generative AI, Google is trying to capitalize on the language models and image generators that have become well known in recent months.

However, there is also “concern that the tool could spread misinformation, as texts produced by chatbots would sound self-confident and could spread untruths”. The AI ​​is optimized to acquire new customers – it does not know what the truth is, the Financial Times quotes an unnamed person as saying. Google said it would take strict security precautions against so-called “hallucinations” in the coming months.

The advertising industry is facing “significant headwinds” as companies like Google significantly restrict the use of personal data for marketing purposes and try to control costs. In the most recent quarter, Google’s advertising revenue fell (down four percent) and Alphabet’s revenue growth rose only slightly (up one percent). Meta launched Advantage+, a product similar to Performance Max, last year and plans to use generative AI in its display systems by the end of the year.


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