Anonymity and privacy: Tails Linux 5.12 is here

Tails starts directly from a USB stick and leaves no trace on computers. The Linux distribution is trimmed all around for anonymity and privacy. In the new Version 5.12 the developers have updated software and fixed bugs in addition to small function updates.

To maintain anonymity, Tails relies on the Tor browser for internet access. It establishes connections via the encrypting Tor network. In addition to the browser, the system also comes with an e-mail client and Office applications.

The developers explain the changes in an article. By default, Tails forgets changes to the system and saved data after a restart for security reasons. Any downloaded data is only permanently retained in the Persistent Folder. Documents stored in it can now be deleted with one click after deactivating the feature.

In addition, the system now proposes a passphrase to secure the persistent memory area using the Diceware method. In the course of this, the approach uses a dice as a random number generator to select six words from a word list and generate a passphrase from them.

To make anonymous surfing in the Tor network as secure as possible, the developers have integrated the current version 12.0.5 of the Tor browser. The implementation of the Linux kernel 6.1.20 is intended to increase hardware support.

In the context of persistent storage, the developers have fixed several bugs. Among other things, whether the feature was activated correctly when setting up Tails.

Automatic upgrades should be possible from Tails 5.0. How to freshly install Tails on a USB stick under Linux, macOS or Windows can be read in several articles.

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