AI sweeps leaves: the EcoFlow Blade robot lawn mower navigates without cables

The manufacturer EcoFlow, which has so far been active in power stations, is equipping other devices for garden and camping with batteries. With the Blade robotic mower, EcoFlow follows this year’s trend towards automated lawn care without the need to bury sensor cables for navigation in the ground. Sensors, a camera, AI-supported software and a particularly off-road chassis should ensure that the robot only mows the lawn and nothing else.

If desired, it recognizes leaves and transports them to an optional collection container. While he is doing this, garden fans can have a good time with two other new devices from EcoFlow: a mobile refrigerator and a cooling and heating air conditioning system. After a first look at the devices during the CES 2023, all the technical details and the prices for the market launch in Germany are now set.

While many robotic lawn mowers have to limit the area of ​​use with sensor cables from specialist companies, the EcoFlow Blade is said to be much easier to install and adapt to redesigned gardens. Using the app, you guide him along the edges of the lawn and impress him with a virtual map. The robot finds its way around using the process called Real Time Kinematic Navigation (RTK). It determines its position using satellite signals in relation to the coordinates of its base station. As a result, there is no need to distribute sensor cables or signal masts in the garden so that the robot does not leave its working area.

EcoFlow’s robot lawn mower Blade costs 3,000 euros.

(Image: EcoFlow)

A combination of LiDAR sensors and a camera trained in artificial intelligence learning processes capture the environment so that the robotic lawnmower does not collide with unforeseen obstacles or become wedged in them. With the help of large, omnidirectional wheels, the EcoFlow Blade should be able to overcome obstacles up to four centimeters high. The manufacturer has not yet explained whether the collision protection also takes into account the well-being of hedgehogs and other animals.

According to EcoFlow, the camera software is specifically trained to recognize branches and leaves. This is the prerequisite for an additional talent. If desired, the robot tracks down such lawn waste, sweeps it into the collection container optionally mounted on the device and deposits it at a predetermined location. An LTE mobile communications module with an eSIM card is built into the EcoFlow Blade for the purpose of theft protection and location control. The robotic lawnmower can be charged not only via a socket, but also with a generator and solar cells from EcoFlow.

The EcoFlow Glacier refrigerator and the EcoFlow Wave 2 air conditioner are specially designed for camping. Both devices are equipped with rechargeable batteries and can therefore be used on the move. The energy storage of the Glacier fridge-freezer combination has a capacity of 298 watt hours (Wh). A single charge should last for 40 hours of cooling or 19 hours of deep-freezing. Two separate storage zones with independent temperature control allow simultaneous cooling and freezing. According to EcoFlow, Glacier also produces up to 18 ice cubes in twelve minutes.

Unlike the previous model, the EcoFlow Wave 2 mobile air conditioner can not only cool, but also heat. The manufacturer states 5100 BTU as the cooling capacity and 6100 BTU as the heating capacity with a usable area of ​​ten square meters. The device can be operated with the battery for up to eight hours at a time. Several climate modes can be selected via the app.

The mobile air conditioner EcoFlow Wave 2 can cool and heat.

(Image: EcoFlow)

Both devices can be charged at a socket, via a generator or with solar cells. In contrast to the air conditioner, the refrigerator can not only supply itself with energy, but also, as a mobile charging station, it can also supply small electronic devices such as laptops and telephones.

EcoFlow’s robotic lawnmower and refrigerator will be released on April 26th, the air conditioner on May 15th. EcoFlow Blade alone costs 3000 euros and in a package with a collection container 3700 euros. The manufacturer prices Glacier and Wave 2 at 1200 euros each. Matching additional batteries are available for 300 to 2000 euros.


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