Tracking mount for online meetings: Pivo Max for cell phones and cameras in the test

The “Pivo Max” holds smartphones, tablets and even system cameras and automatically aligns them with the protagonist thanks to the auto-tracking function.

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Anyone who has ever given a lecture in front of a permanently installed camera knows the problem: On the one hand, you don’t want to stand stiffly in one place, but want to make the presentation lively, and on the other hand, you don’t want to step out of the picture. As a solution, the US company Pivo offers holders with auto-tracking, which follow the protagonist and can rotate completely around the vertical axis.

Previously, there was the Pivo Pod and Pod Lite for cellphones. The much heavier “Pivo Max” has now been added, which also rotates tablets and even cameras weighing up to two kilograms with its powerful motor. Switching to camera operation is easy: if you unscrew the upper holder for the mobile phone and tablet, a 3/8-inch screw appears on the lower base, onto which any standard camera can be mounted.

Unlike the Obsbot Me, Pivo doesn’t build a camera into its mounts for tracking. Rather, the manufacturer relies on its own Android and iOS apps with tracking algorithms that control the holder via Bluetooth. For tracking, the mobile device must have sufficient computing power and a decent camera. Pivo lists compatible smartphones on its website.

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