Snap Partner Summit: My AI for all and more AR capabilities

Some users can already talk to My AI, Snapchat’s chatbot. Now it will soon be available to everyone worldwide. The AI ​​can be varied and personalized in terms of shape and design. My AI is just the parent start name, which can be replaced with a name of your choice. The bot can also be given an appearance using Bitmoji, which is primarily human, but also a bit alien-like with green skin. The chatbot, which is based on OpenAIs GPT-3.5, can be controlled individually, i.e. in dialogue, but it can also be called in a group chat, so to speak, to answer questions that are visible to everyone. As befits a good AI, My AI can of course also make suggestions – for example about popular lenses, the effects on Snapchat, or locations on the Snap Map.

My AI is customizable.

(Image: Snap)

In the recently launched Ares (Augmented Reality Enterprise Service) division, Snap offers companies AR and AI software from the shopping sector for their own websites and apps. AR mirrors, i.e. mirrors that are set up in stationary shops, were new to the Snap Partner Summit. Customers can, for example, try on clothes virtually on them. Pictures can of course be shared directly with other people via Snapchat. With a live transmission of clothing, it can be converted directly into a lens and thus also be worn as an animated piece of clothing.

Snap will be at a few festivals this year, delivering “bespoke AR experiences.” It remains to be seen what exactly these will look like, but there will be AR maps, for example, that you can use to orientate yourself on a festival site. Together with Disguise, there will be opportunities to interact with the stage via augmented reality at selected events and concerts. Already an artist for such AR experiences is Kygo, whose summer concerts are accompanied by Snap.

Like all social media platforms, Snapchat also wants to keep as many creators as possible – they bring the fans, the attention and thus the usage time and opportunities to make money. Accordingly, the content creators should get even more space. They can be viewed on the Snap Map, the world map, with their videos. Creators can also save stories to their own profile, and best-of moments are available now. Snapchat’s monetization program is open to creators who have at least 50,000 followers, 25 million monthly Snap views, and post at least 10 stories per month.


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