Satellite Internet Starlink: SpaceX again significantly reduces prices in Germany

Starlink satellite internet is becoming cheaper in Germany and several European countries. This emerges from information on the homepage of the offer and e-mails that users report on Reddit. Internet access in this country last cost 80 euros per month and the necessary antenna 460 euros, it is now 65 euros per month and only 300 euros once.

The US company SpaceX, which is responsible for the service, does not give a reason for the price reduction, but it should be implemented automatically. According to a collection on Reddit, prices were not only reduced in Germany, but also in Ireland, Spain and Austria. Elsewhere, the monthly fee was already lower – in France around 50 euros – but there the price for the hardware was then reduced in some cases – again in France from 480 to 300 euros. At the same time, SpaceX charges a monthly fee of 120 US dollars and a one-time fee of 600 US dollars in the US state of New York.

The Starlink satellite internet has been under construction since 2019, and more than 3800 active satellites are now connecting large parts of America, Europe, Australia, Japan and the Philippines to fast internet. The service was made available on an unscheduled basis in the war zone of Ukraine and Tonga after the devastating volcanic eruption.

The price reduction that has now become known is the second within a few months. At the end of August, SpaceX justified a first reduction with the high inflation. That should “reflect our customers’ purchasing power parity,” it said in e-mails that customers received at the time. In Germany, the monthly price was then reduced from 100 to 80 euros, and now it is falling again noticeably. There doesn’t seem to be a specific reason for this this time either. At the same time, the monthly price for Starlink Roam was apparently reduced from $200 to $100.


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