Online conference: benefit now as an early booker of Mastering Microservices

The early bird discount for Mastering Microservices 2023 is only valid up to and including April 25, 2023. The all-day online conference will take place on May 23. It is aimed at software architects and developers as well as companies that want to stay up to date with the latest developments in the field of microservices. If you book now, you only pay 199 euros (all prices including VAT). That’s 50 euros less than from April 26th.

Microservices have become an integral part of the world of application development. The architecture paradigm may be a few years old, but although microservices can make software more modular, faster, and more easily adaptable, their use has its pitfalls. The online conference, which is taking place for the third time, aims to counter these constructively.

The participants can listen to the seven lectures by the renowned experts from their own desks – the mastering microservices will be broadcast via live stream. Nevertheless, they do not have to do without interaction options: they can ask questions via chat during the presentations, and the speakers are also available to answer questions after their presentation in so-called breakout sessions via zoom. Afterwards, visitors will find all lectures as recordings. They also get access to the conference materials.

These are the topics of the online conference:

  • Cutting microservices with event storming
  • Success – with microservices or other architectures?
  • Extracting micro frontends from a monolithic frontend application
  • Working out microservices from the monolith with domain storytelling
  • Architecture assessments in microservices applications
  • Shared data in distributed architectures
  • Asynchronous patterns for modern software architecture design

Speakers at the online conference are Arne Limburg, Eberhard Wolff, Billy Lando, Henning Schwentner, Stefan Zörner, Lars Röwekamp and Susanne Braun, all of whom have made a name for themselves as authors of books or with lectures at numerous conferences on the subject of microservices.

The Mastering Microservices is intended for professionals who deal with microservices in their daily work and want to know how to solve technical problems and where the architecture journey is going. More information can be found on the conference website.

The two previous editions of the Mastering Microservices had significantly more than 200 and 300 participants respectively.


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