#TGIQF: April, April – what news rained down on us this week?

The week started leisurely with the last Easter holidays. Nevertheless – you will guess it – there was of course news from Musk/Twitter, the PC market cried for better times and the next new edition of a material that had already been worked on is coming our way. Since inflation is still depressing, there was talk of salaries. And even if March and April felt a bit colder than in previous years: Man-made climate change is still showing its effects. We must not forget here: Julian Assange is still in prison. How many years already?

The quiz will now show you whether you paid close attention this week of news, despite the possible heaviness of feasting on the holiday:

Did you answer all questions correctly? Feel free to share your experience and score in the forum! But one request, keep the forum free of spoilers and (correct) answers, so as not to spoil the fun for other players.

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