Satish Kaushik’s Daughter Reads Out Emotional Letter For Her Late Dad, Anupam Kher Bursts Out Crying

Satish Kaushik's Daughter Reads Out Emotional Letter For Her Late Dad, Anupam Kher Bursts Out Crying

Satish Kaushik was an effervescent actor who always carried a smile on his face even when life threw difficult situations at him. The iconic comedian, who was the life and soul of every comedy film in Indian cinema left his friends, fans and family teary-eyed on March 9, 2023. The 66-year-old actor bid adieu to the world after he suffered a heart attack.

Vanshika’s emotional letter for her late father, Satish Kaushik

On the occasion of Satish Kaushik’s birth anniversary, his good friend, Anupam Kher hosted a grand party in his honour. However, what broke everyone’s heart was Satish Kaushik’s daughter, Vanshika’s heartwrenching letter for her late dad. Anupam Kher shared a video of the same on his IG handle, and it made everyone teary-eyed.

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In the letter, Vanshika revealed how she miss him every single day and had she known that he would leave her so soon, she would have spent more time with him. In her words:

“Hello Papa, I know that now you are no more but I want you to know that I will always be there for you. Your friends taught me to be strong but I can’t live without you. I miss you so much. If I knew this was going to happen, I would miss school just to spend time with you. I wish I could have hugged you once. You are still in my heart. Like we see in the movies, I wish there is a miracle and you are alive.”


Continuing her letter, Vanshika asked her papa to come in her dreams every single day and that she would meet him in 90 years. Urging him not to take re-birth, the doting daughter continued:

“I don’t know who will save me from mumma when I will not do my homework. I do not feel like going to school anymore. I don’t know what my friends will say. What if they make fun of me? Please come in my dreams every single day. I have done pooja for you and I want you to be in heaven and live a happy life in a big mansion with a Rolls-Royce, Ferrari and a Lamborghini. You will eat great food. We will meet in 90 years again. Please don’t take re-birth, I will meet you in 90 years. Please remember me, I will remember you forever. I had the world’s best dad ever.”

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To watch the video, click here.

Anupam Kher reveals why he hosted a grand bash on Satish Kaushik’s birthday

While posting the video, Anupam Kher shared that after Satish Kaushik’s death, his daughter, Vanshika gave him this letter and asked him to put it on her father’s pyre without opening it. However, the actor took a picture of the letter on his phone and did what she asked him to do. When everyone celebrated Satish’s 67th birth anniversary, he asked Vanshika to read out the letter, and it broke everyone’s heart.


While speaking to ANI, Anupam Kher revealed the reason for celebrating Satish Kaushik’s birthday and shared:

“4-5 days ago, Satish came in my dreams and he said ‘Yaar tu mere liye kuch nahi kar raha hai kya (are you not doing anythig for my birthday)?’, so then I decided to celebrate Satish’s life today.”


Satish Kaushik’s 67th birthday cake

While scrolling through our social media, we also stumbled upon the beautiful cake curated on Satish Kaushik’s 67th birthday. With chocolate layered throughout it, along with tiny golden edible balls, and golden candles, the cake looked delicious. It also featured pictures of the late actor, along with his friend, Anupam Kher.



To watch the video, click here.

Did you also feel emotional seeing Vanshika read out the emotional letter she wrote on the day he passed away? Let us know.

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