Raidforums: Dutch police warns and monitors former users

The Dutch police are sending e-mails with warnings to thousands of former members of the “raid forum” – a year after the data stolen forum was closed by investigative authorities. Police are now urging those whose identities are linked to a Raidforums user account to “stop engaging in online activities where they may be breaking the law.” In addition, they should delete illegally copied software or data sets that they received via the raid forums or similar websites.

According to a police statement, the alleged users of stolen data are informed that they have been noticed during the investigations in the area of ​​the raid forum. According to the information, the investigators want to get the potential customers of such illegal offers out of anonymity, it is said. The police officers also warn of possible consequences, ranging from confiscation of computers to criminal records to imprisonment.

“You’re less anonymous online than you think. Do you still choose to commit cybercrime? Then be aware of the consequences. Stop the police from showing up at your door. Think about your future and don’t commit one cyber crime,” the letter reads.

In addition to “thousands” of e-mails, the officials reportedly also sent a few hundred letters and had a few personal conversations. This also included minors. The police see the speech as an additional opportunity to take preventive action against cybercrime. According to the Dutch police, similar actions should also take place in Great Britain.

A successor to the raid forum, the breach forum, was recently closed. It then emerged that the FBI had used undercover agents who communicated with the alleged operator, Pompompurin. This had given his Gmail address, whereupon the police were able to find out in which house he had stayed. Accordingly, the investigators also had access to the database of the forum.


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