Powertoys: Patch release 0.69.1 corrects errors and crashes

Microsoft’s Powertoys are now available in version 0.69.1. It is a patch release that fixes some of the most common bugs and crashes.

The Powertoys release notes list the errors corrected in the new version. Several of these concern the new editor for registry files, the registry preview.

An error in the registry preview caused the window to be stretched too large to fit on the screen when opening large .reg files. In addition, incorrect transparent backgrounds could be displayed in the menu and tooltips. The keyboard shortcuts Strg+S as well as Shift+Strg+S now work to save changes in registry preview. Also, on some systems, the registry preview icons needed a fix. A crash when opening or saving files when the registry preview was run with administrator rights should no longer occur either.

In time zones with a negative offset to UTC time, the settings could crash after users selected “Keep awake until expiration” (at the tray icon) or “Stay awake until expiration” (app settings dialog). The programmers have also improved the command line functions for “Awake”. On the “What’s new” page, the Powertoys now hide the hash values ​​of the installation packages, they only make sense on the website for manual downloads. The hotkey controls have recently been reworked, leading to increased crashes – the developers have added code.

The updated installation packages are again available for 64-bit ARM and x86 PCs, once each as a package that installs only in the user account and once as a system-wide package:

Powertoys 0.69.1 x86 (systemweit)
Powertoys 0.69.1 ARM (systemweit)
Powertoys 0.69.1 x86 (user install)
Powertoys 0.69.1 ARM (user install)

Downloading and installing the update can also be initiated from the installed Powertoys version. All you have to do is click on the “Check for updates” button on the “General” tab.

Screenshot Powertoys,

Screenshot Powertoys,

On the “General” tab of the Powertoys you will find the “Check for updates” button. This is the easiest way to download and install the update.

(Bild: Screenshot/dmk)

Microsoft’s developers released Powertoys 0.69 just last week. They added a convenient editor for.reg registry files.


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