More viewers for TV+: Apple closes deal with pay-TV giant Canal+

An unusual deal in the streaming market: All content from Apple’s streaming service TV+ will soon be available from the pay-TV provider Canal+, which belongs to the media group Vivendi, without requiring an additional subscription or the installation of an app, as the two companies announced on announced Friday. This will give Canal+ subscribers in France, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia free on-demand access to series and movies from Apple’s streaming service via their set-top box, as well as certain TV+ series to be broadcast on Canal+’s main channel become – quite classically as linear television.

It is not a short-term, one-time promotion for TV+, but a partnership that will last for several years, Apple’s content boss emphasized to Variety magazine. No other such deals are currently planned. The Apple manager described the number of TV+ subscribers in France as “good”, and the sales deal with Canal+ would now make them “really great”. Apple used the announcement to refer to its first European productions, Liaison and Drops of God.

Almost four years after its launch, TV+ is still considered a small streaming service, and Apple has never given specific numbers of subscribers. In contrast to the other providers, Apple relies almost exclusively on in-house productions and exclusively purchased content, so the range is still comparatively small. According to reports, Apple has been pumping billions into the content business every year for a long time and has now closed the first major sports deals.

In addition, the range of feature films is being expanded, and some of the films are also starting in cinemas in the classic way. Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon is slated to premiere in Cannes in May and be seen on TV+ thereafter.

Apple’s partnership with Canal+ has existed for a long time: the manufacturer also sells its TV box “Apple TV” via the pay-TV provider, Canal+ is also one of the handpicked companies that are allowed to sell their content directly in the app – without Apple’s otherwise prescribed Use in-app purchase interface and thus have to pay commission.

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