Majority of men in India love gaming apps; women prefer food, messaging apps: Report

Majority of men in India love using gaming apps, while women prefer food and messaging apps, according to an analysis of 85 million Android smartphones by Booble AI. Bobble AI report said that despite a 50 per cent rise in the Indian users’ time spent over smartphones last year and the participation of women in the workforce rising consistently, only 11.3 per cent of Indian women are using smartphones to access payment applications.

In contrast to men, women are least interested in gaming apps.

The analysis showed hardly 6.1 per cent of women are active on gaming applications.

“Even though the usage of apps by women is low in general, the participation in the usage of communication apps (23.3 per cent), video apps (21.7 per cent) and food apps (23.5 per cent) is comparatively higher.

“The concentration of women using payment apps (11.3 per cent) and games (6.1 per cent) was found to be the lowest in comparison to men using these applications,” the report said.

The research was done in a “privacy-compliant” manner by the mobile market intelligence division at Bobble AI, a conversation media platform, using first-party data covering a vast base of more than 85 million Android smartphones, it added.

The report examined the data in 2022 and 2023 to analyse mobile usage trends and the evolving mindshare of Indian consumers, Bobble AI said.

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